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jacket vintage // top vintage // shorts American Apparel // shoes Superga

Here goes my ongoing continuous obsession with denim jackets and well, thigh high socks. I wonder if its just me or if this is a trend going on in Tel Aviv… can’t really tell;) I met Mika through my roommates and noticed she had amazing style so I convinced her to let me photograph her for the blog. She works for a production company on Rothschild so this was shot on a side street nearby. The shoes that she’s wearing are from Superga, an Italian brand of sneakers that I now love. Here is the link to their website and it will really make you feel like you need to own a pair of flatform sneakers if you don’t already. Also her bangs are so cool, I wish I could pull that off but I am too scared of cutting them that short- it reminds me of the 90s and that’s really making a comeback lately.  Anyway, I hope you are inspired, here are some more photos and have a great weekend:)





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Esther’s Dress


dress vintage // shoes Asos

I got this dress at the vintage market on Dizengoff from my favorite stand run by Esther – who I photographed for the blog in June (click here to see the post). She has amazing style and I knew anything she offered me would be a great piece so I got this dress. At first it had sleeves, but like most things I buy, I ended up altering it and cutting them off. I like it better this way because it gives it a more modern twist. The dress itself is actually sheer and underneath I’m wearing a slip which gives it a cool textured effect when its sheer on the bottom and opaque on top. The shoes are my favorite shoes this season- black chelsea boots from Asos that I ordered online (of course) this past summer. They are just perfect with everything and I like how they are made from rubber and not leather, it gives them a more casual feel. And lastly, of course, socks and shoes are the best ongoing trend that I’m obsessed with. Every time I see somebody on the street with their socks showing I automatically think I need to photograph them for the blog:) Well, I hope you liked the outfit and don’t forget to leave a comment below.




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Daria and Ayala


Left: top Noname // jacket Raw // sandals Juju // Right: everything Vintage

I spotted these two on a rainy and gloomy Saturday afternoon walking near Habima (the huge theatre in Tel Aviv) and they instantly caught my eye. Well, anybody wearing shorts and thigh-high socks always catches my eye. I love it! I wish I could work that look to the office but unfortunately I would feel awkward wearing shorts. Actually high socks as well. Anyway, everything about these girls is cool – I love their hair, lipstick color, the fact that their not afraid to wear shorts on a rainy day and most importantly their effortless style. That is when you really know somebody is stylish- when they can wear something different and unique and still look totally cool and effortless. So, enough with my ramblings now and please enjoy the rest of the outfit photos, I hope I brought you some weekend fashion inspiration:)




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top vintage // jacket vintage // shoes Kriza

Last weekend I decided to clean out my closet and ended up putting aside almost a third of my clothes – which was about two giant suitcases full. Now, you ask, what do I do with all of these clothes? Good question, I was asking myself the same thing. I tried giving it away to my cousin in Jerusalem but she only took about five items so my next idea was to have a really cheap clothing sale. That way, people will want to come but they will only take what they are actually going to wear, because they are still paying for it. I emptied out the suitcases in my room and organized all of the giveaway clothes neatly hanging on a rack along with lined up shoes and a basket of bathing suits (see pictures below)

salephoto1 salephoto2

The sale was a huge success and on the last day, once I thought all the good clothes were taken, two girls called me and told me that they were on their way. That’s when I met Eleanor, the girl in the photo with the killer style. I thought that they weren’t going to find anything from the leftovers but she was somehow able to dig up an entire bag of amazing finds including two shoes,  a pair of old Levis, and a bunch of t-shirts. She graciously let me photograph her for the blog and here are the rest of her amazing photos. Also, you can find out more about her style from short interview with her at the bottom of the post.

בסוף שבוע שעבר החלטתי לעשות נקיון בארון ואיכשהו הגעתי למצב  ששמתי בצד שני שקים ענקיים שהכילו
שליש מהבגדים . עכשיו אתם בטח שואלות את עצמכן מה אני עושה עם כל הבגדים האלו? שאלתי את עצמי את אותה שאלה, ניסיתי לתת לבת דודתי בירושלים אבל היא לקחה רק חמש פריטים. היה לי רעיון לעשות מכירה ממש
זולה. כך אנשים ירצו לבא אבל יקחו רק את מה שהם באמת רוצים. רוקנתי את המזוודות בחדר, ארגנתי את כל
הבגדים לתרומה במסודר על מתלה, ארגנתי גם את הנעליים בשורה מסודרת והיתה גם סלסלת בגדי ים (התמונות למעלה), המכירה היתה הצלחה גדולה וביום האחרון אחרי שחשבתי שכל הדברים הטובים נלקחו, התקשרו שתי בנות ואמרו שהן בדרך. אז פגשתי את אלינור, הבחורה בתמונה, עם הסטייל השווה. חשבתי שהם לא ימצאו כלום מהשאריות אבל איכשהו אלינור הצליחה לצאת עם שקית שלמה של מציאות: שני זוגות נעליים, גינס של ליוויס ומלא טישרטים. היא הסכימה שאצלם אותה לבלוג והנה שאר התמונות המדהימות שלה, בין השאר תוכלו לקרא עוד על הסטייל שלה בראיון קצר איתה בסוף הפוסט.





How would you describe your style?
I collect clothes from all over the place, they’re mostly black!
It is getting to be the colder months in Tel Aviv, how do you dress for the weather?
I love dressing for winter although this is year i need to do some shopping and can’t wait to hit the second hand shops
A fashion rule you never break:
I don’t like the look of mixing silver and gold jewelry
What kind of things do you tend to splurge on?
I find it so hard to splurge! but i give in when it comes to shoes :)
What are some of your favorite places to shop?
There are a few shops that i can always find something in, Vitzo is one of them! But London is the best place for shopping. I usually shop at Beyond Retro on Brick Lane, Urban Outfitters, and Zara

איך היית מתארת את הסטייל שלך?
אני אוספת בגדים ממקומות שונים והם בדרך כלל בגוון השחור.
מתחיל להיות קריר בתל אביב איך את מתכוננת להתלבש לקראת החורף?
אני אוהבת להתלבש לעונת החורף למרות שהשנה אני צריכה לעשות קניות, מאוד מחכה ללכת לחנויות יד שנייה.
חוק אופנה שאת תמיד מקפידה עליו?
אני לא אוהבת לערבב תכשיטי זהב וכסף.
על איזה פריטים את נוטה לבזבז?
אני לא כל כך בזבזנית אבל נקודת החולשה שלי זה נעליים.
מה המקומות האהובים עלייך לקניות?
יש כמה חנויות בודדות שאני תמיד יכולה למצא שם משהו: וויצו הוא אחד מהם, אבל לונדון היא העיר הכי טובה לשופינג, אני בדרך כלל קונה בביינד רטרו ברחוב בריק, אורבן אאוטפוטר וזרה.